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It's one of my favourite questions to ask: What's the first thing you'll eat when you're diabetes-free?

A piece of hot apple pie? Your favourite ice-cream? A slice of that double fudge chocolate cake tempting you from the dessert fridge?

No, I'm not crazy and I would never joke about something this serious. You see, the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) has uncovered a new diabetes breakthrough that is so powerful, it could mean a complete reversal of diabetic symptoms.

Just imagine the stunned look on your doctor's face when he announces, "I can't find a trace of diabetes. Your blood sugar has completely stabilised."

It could happen for you if you experience the same remarkable results that had one HSI Member throwing away her insulin syringes. And her transformation took only 6 weeks after more than 9 years on prescription drugs!  

Daily insulin injections are a distant memory for Catherine Downs now 


In fact, the 56-year old diabetic has almost forgotten she ever had full-blown type II diabetes.

No more syringes. She's even lowered her hypoglycaemic prescription to only 2mg per day. And get this… She's eating like a normal person again, sugary sweets and all.

How did she do it? She found out about an…

Unknown sugar-buster hiding in a most unlikely place

Traditional Japanese cooks sometimes use a very special kind of flour. It's made from a rare fibrous plant and it's been used in Japanese cooking for a 1,000 years.
HSI recently discovered a startling fact: This Asian wonder plant naturally lowers blood sugar. In fact, a clinical test confirmed this plant's extracts are as effective in lowering glucose as drugs are.

An HSI researcher took it one step further, combining the Japanese herb with a second natural fibre that actually blocks sugar absorption. The "diabetes duo" controls blood sugar better than any prescription drug he's seen. According to his summary of the study results…

But that's not all, these two herbs block fat absorption… Lowering systolic blood pressure and even cholesterol too!

And this diabetes-defeating dynamo was finally unveiled to the world because…  

When you need it most, HSI is there 


HSI has the most brilliant medical minds on the planet working day and night for one purpose: To discover the underground treatments you need most.

The ones your doctor likely doesn't know a thing about. (It's not his fault. These breakthroughs have been covered up by pharmaceutical companies) The ones you'll never hear about on the six o'clock news… or read about in the morning paper.

No, you'll find the latest, most important medical breakthroughs right here.

And they wouldn't dream of recommending any of the breakthroughs they uncover unless they are confident you'll see results. For that reason, they reject more than 98% of new products they find - culling only the very best to put in front of you.

That's why they've now taken an extraordinary step.

They've combined their very best blood-sugar busters - the result of years of intensive research - into one incredible resource…

The only complete collection of HSI's natural diabetes treatments

Experts pored over the data, the case studies and the laboratory analyses to come up with the seven most promising ways to beat this disease… naturally. Without the harmful side effects of prescription medication.

It's all here… only the best, proven natural diabetes fighters. You'll get all the details on the amazing diabetes remedy that took Catherine Downs from a full-on diabetic to completely diabetes-free in only six weeks!

It gets better, because they just found out about an update to the formula that could be as much as 20 times more effective at metabolising sugar. You don't want to wait another minute to get this one.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. This comprehensive report of amazing diabetes fighters includes…

The Asian wonder that beats diabetes drugs hands down

Researchers had to travel to very nearly the ends of the earth to bring this one back.

Deep in the Kagawa Mountains on tiny Shikoku Island, they cultivate a very special plant. It's a unique and rare variety of sweet potato. But this is far from the sweet potatoes you'd normally dish up.

No, this is one exotic - and powerful - food. It's been used for generations as a traditional remedy for the treatment of diabetes, as well as hypertension and anaemia.

When Fuji-Sangyo, a leading Japanese natural pharmaceutical research institute, decided to test the effects of a special variety of this potato, the results were simply astonishing. They had the audacity to test an extract from the skin of the potato against one of the most potent anti-diabetes drugs.

Imagine their surprise when they learned…

This "food remedy" creamed the best that pharmaceutical drugs have to offer

It's true. The sweet potato extract controlled blood sugar and insulin resistance just as well as the drug (which has since been yanked from the market for major safety concerns).

The natural breakthrough also reduced triglyceride levels, amazingly started to repair damaged pancreatic insulin-producing cells… and unlike most diabetic drugs, the sweet potato dynamo caused NO weight gain.

Then the University of Vienna Medical School got in the act, headed up by renowned professor of endocrinology Dr Bernhard Ludvik.

The results hold up - blood sugar slashed 13%!

Dr Ludvik and his team put the sweet potato wonder through a clinical trial. All subjects were suffering from type II diabetes. At the end of six weeks, the men who had consumed just 4 grams of this extract daily experienced a 13% drop in fasting blood glucose levels.

And that's just for starters. The participants taking the extract also benefited from a remarkable 10% drop in total cholesterol and a 13% drop in LDL (bad) cholesterol. Pretty amazing stuff.

There's a whole lot more, but I don't have space here to tell you all about this incredible sweet potato. But I can tell you where you can find all the details… in the brand new compilation of best diabetes fighters, 7 Ways to Defeat Diabetes Without a Single Drug.

I've told you just 2 of the 7 groundbreaking discoveries they've included in your report. I've only scratched the surface. For example, I haven't told you about…

  Yes! I want to be diabetes free without a single drug.

"Vegetable insulin" from the heart of the Amazon

It won't come as a surprise to you that Amazon jungle natives don't have access to pharmaceutical drugs to fight diabetes. They've had to rely on some very potent natural remedies. Very potent, indeed.

Some of these herbs are so powerful they're referred to as "vegetable insulin". But with names like pata de vaca, pedra hume caa and chanca piedra, among others, you're not going to find them in the produce aisle of your local supermarket.

That's where HSI steps in. Now, for the first time, they’ve uncovered a formula that blends the six most powerful South American plants into one diabetes-fighting supplement.  We tell you where to get it - and how each of the ingredients takes on diabetes - in our new report. It can be yours instantly when you order now!

Only the absolute best diabetes discoveries - now in one resource

For more than 12 years, HSI has made it their mission to search out only the best, proven natural secrets. Now, for the first time ever, they've compiled their best diabetes discoveries together in one volume.

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic - and the mainstream's best treatments just stave off the inevitable symptoms. But with our help and this report, you can finally access the latest diabetes breakthroughs.

The power of natural medicine never ceases to amaze me. For example, you know some mushroom extracts kill cancer cells. But did you know that one particular cancer-fighting extract has an unexpected side effect?

It sends blood sugar tumbling down 25%

When scientists at Georgetown University tested the mushroom formula on insulin-resistant mice, they were amazed to see an approximate 25% drop in blood glucose levels in the mice fed the extract.

Although this extract is brand new, recent clinical studies back up the blood sugar-maintaining ability of this astonishing mushroom. And 7 Ways to Defeat Diabetes Without a Single Drug includes contact information for the mushroom formula - and each and every one of the marvellous breakthroughs in the report.

Remedies so powerful, even endocrinologists may be speechless

HSI’s worldwide network has spoken and they've identified the seven most powerful diabetes breakthroughs we've ever seen. And for the first time, they're available in one resource.

You'll learn all about:

  Yes! I want to be diabetes free without a single drug.

You'll get the information you need - or it's free

7 Ways to Defeat Diabetes Without a Single Drug is astonishing value. For only R199.95 you get the results of decades of research and hundreds of man-hours of painstaking analysis.

That's why I am so confident you'll be more than satisfied with your life-changing report. You'll turn to it often… and you'll feel so much better.

However, if for any reason at all, you're not 100% satisfied, return the report within 30 days and we'll gladly issue you a full refund of your purchase price. No quibbles. So there's no risk to you.

I'm confident you won't even dream of asking for a refund after you see the amazing underground discoveries we have for you in 7 Ways to Defeat Diabetes Without a Single Drug - but rest assured that if you're not happy, if you return it within 30 days then this report won't cost you a cent.

Get every amazing remedy

When you're dealing with something as life altering as diabetes, you don't want to wait a minute to learn how to fight this disease with nature's full arsenal.

So please order your copy of 7 Ways to Defeat Diabetes Without a Single Drug today. Haven't you gone without these treatments long enough?

To your good health,

Shimanga Mubitana

P.S. This is the most important resource for diabetics anywhere. And it can be yours today. Just click the order button below to get your copy right now.

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